Ark Dev Kit not Responding

I wanted to make some mods for ARK. I can get everything to work with unreal engine 4, However when I go to play test the mod through run real engine (clicking play at the top of the tool bar) the program stops responding, I got it to load once into the play test. Since then nothing. I was wondering if I’m doing something wrong or is there some settings that I need to change.
Thanks in advanced

This is pretty typical of the ADK. 95% of the time when it is “not responding” (put in quotes because its normal behavior and will visually unfreeze after some time) it’s actually just visually frozen and doing stuff in the background. Are you watching it’s memory usage with Task Manager when trying to play? A good tip is to use task manager to determine via CPU and RAM usage if the ADK is actually making headway or not.

Thanks for your reply, I will have a look at the CPU and RAM. Hopefully it is working in the background.

make sure in the level properties that forceloadmap is empty and doesnt say TheIsland or else it will take hours + to compile the entire map to play test.

Remember when using the editors play level button. to switch it to “new window” or something like that :slight_smile: then it will start a new process loading the game.

Is there a fix for this? I have a pretty strong computer and I am getting this issue in the test world for the Ark dev kit.

I have the same issue when I press play or even click on any of the folders in the content browser basically do anything my Ark Dev Kit stops responding…does anyone have a fix yet?

Most of the freezes i had to just sit and wait through, it seems like its crashing your computer the first time it runs, due to how long it takes, but it has to compile shaders and whatnot first time running, took almost 2 hrs of just waiting running on my SSD, do not use a HDD to run this, Only SSD due to How much its trying to load at once.

I tell people all the time… This program is a HUGE HOG… its takes forever to get started and do things… If your not on a i7 or better then you WILL WAIT for a very long time. LONG, LONG, LONG… (this was normal in the 1980’s… and now you know what it felt like)

If you are on anything like i3 or i5… then know this… You will be waiting for a long time… EVEN HOURS OR DAYS!!.
Just walk away, go cook dinner, do a movie and have a party when it comes back on in 20 minutes…