ARK Dev Kit not loading/crashes?

Greetings Ark Dev kit mod section… For some reason after the last few updates for the ark dev kit, my dev kit won’t seem to work and seems to freezes and crashes my computer…
My computer can run it because it could before. But I can further develop my ark map what is the underwater map. that I posted about.
Spec on my computer - even tho I already could make a mod before and now I can’t after these updates like I said is…

Processor - Intel Core i7-4700HQ
Grahpic card - Nivdia Geforce GTX 765M
Ram: 8Gb

But hopefully, something can fix it because I want to future my development of my map with my other developers! And I never had an issue with this before until these updates.

I would like to join op on this inquiry. I was hoping to start modding the game, but have so far only run into issues. Currently I was trying to follow a modding tutorial, in the scope of which I needed to take a look at the GenericMod. However right clicking any of the mod’s assets pops up a progress bar indicating a load status of 80% for GenericMod.umap, but no progress is made in more than 10 minutes. Observing the Task Manager reveals, the Dev Kit is consuming about 5-10% CPU resources, but the used RAM is ever so slightly increasing at a steady rate, starting at roughly 1300MB and never stopping even past 3500MB.

The tutorial had warned me that the Dev Kit can be slow when doing things for the first time, but this really doesn’t seem right.

My specs as well:

  • AMD FX8320
  • NVidia Geforce GTX 960
  • 12GB RAM

Ark Dev Kit is installed on an older and relatively slow internal, partitioned HDD with still 513 GB available.

Edit: Turns out that all still counted as “first time initialization.” Especially because of the compilation of more than 60,000 shaders…