ARK DEV KIT - New item not showing up as craftable

So I made a new item following a tutorial. It shows up in the engrams list and I can learn it, but when I go to the actual machine to craft it, it is not there. I have also tried removing those requirements but inventory crafting does not show either. Am I missing something?

Hey! If you want to craft inside of an inventory, you want to make sure that the item is listed in the inventory component of the item you are trying to add it to. If not, it will never show in the inventory of the item.

You can find this in the components tab of the item. There should be something with the name inventory in it. That’s where you will find what you are looking for:

Although you want to keep in mind, if it’s not a completely custom item, it will reduce the chances of your mod stacking cleanly if that’s a concern. If you don’t want to craft it inside of an inventory, theres an option inside the inventory blueprint that’s labeled “Give Blueprint to Player Inventory” that will allow them to craft it without an object.

Hope this helps!

Thanks! This fixed my issue.

Sorry to necro, but any idea why this wouldn’t work if you had everything set up in default inventory items and redirected? Can post to bitbucket and share access if someone has any idea.