Ark Dev Kit - New engrams not in the dev kit

I need help. I have published a mod in the last month or so and need to update it for the new engrams that came out with update 243.0. The issue is that my mod stops engrams introduced in those updates from appearing in game, yet the dev kit doesn’t seem to have those new items added yet (Titanosaur saddle doesnt have a blueprint for example).

So my question is how long does it usually take for the Dev Kit to be brought up to speed with the game updates and is there a way to stop my mod (which edits the available engrams in game) from preventing the new engrams released in 243.0 and thereafter from appearing in game?

To stop this you want to add your engrams to the “Additional Engram Blueprint Classes” array in the PrimalGameData instead of “Engram Blueprint Classes”.

Dev Kit can take quite some time to get updated.

Hey , I have used the add additional engram for my added engrams I have however needed to remove engrams (its a primitive mod) so I am unsure if I can create the same result without touching the engrams list itself.

The delay on dev kit updates really sucks. We are still waiting on the alpha mosasaur spawn files so we can update our Dino Color Plus mod. Still nothing and that was several versions ago now :frowning:

Alright, you have two other options to avoid problems with updates:

  1. This needs some user input but is the best option if you want to keep your mod fully stackable and not require to be first in the modlist: Disable the unwanted engrams through the Game.ini’s OverrideEngramEntries settings.
  2. Basically the same thing as 1. but you can force the override settings by editing the OverrideEngramEntries array in the GameMode blueprint of the mod, so the users won’t have to fill them in. Afaik this will require your Mod to be the first in the Modlist though for the settings to take effect.