ARK Dev Kit Models Export

Hi UE Community,

I wrote this kind of topic on the Steam Platform but someone said that I will have more chance here.
So I want to know, to the people who have the ARK Dev Kit, if it’s possible that he or she can share ARK 3D models (Dinos, tools, structure, part of maps…) in .dae collada format with texture please. I asked this because:

  • I love this game (but sadly I can’t run it).
  • I’m using Blender 3d in my free time to make 3d images (I don’t do much of them but I love doing that).
  • And I can’t install the software for this (it’s too heavy for my computer).
    I want to make some ARK images for me or why not for other else (and maybe one day animations). I ask your help to give me and others ARK models to let them make 3d art of this amazing game. Please, can you help me/us?

(Sorry for my english if there’s mystakes)

If you want any files present on the ADK, u can download it and search in the folder of your ADK. No ?

At worst you can have a hard drive of 100GB second hand for 5 €

It’s will be easier for you ^^"

It’s the family computer, it cannot run simple game (for exemple the escapist 2, and minecraft doesn’t work anymore). And the Internet here… ex for certain files 100 MB, it takes 2hour maybe more to download. And before when I had Minecraft, it was difficult to go on a server. So 100GB with ARK software… the computer will die and cannot download it… So that’s why I am asking to others if they can help me or other people who wants these too.

I still look at this topic. I really want that someone can help me. I can’t do it myself, that’s why I am asking you. Please help.

Ok, so tell me why nobody want to help me?

What you are asking for is a violation of the terms of service. We are not allowed to redistribute content from this(or any copy-written) property. You can’t just go to the library and make a copy of every page or a book because you want to make an “artwork” out of your copies. If you really have such a strong desire to “make 3d art of this amazing game,” why not try learning to make your own models using blender?

I am trying to model myself to make a character which is not from ARK, and if you are next to me, you will know my intention and the problems I have inside of me for Blender (I know how it work, but I can’t do it myself easily). The thing is, if we respect the copyright by not considerate and assign that these models are ours (it’s not mine, in short formula), it would be fine. No commercial uses, no full control on it. And make myself the same model will be like copying the model tell to myself, this is my model… And I don’t want that. The rules and laws are here for the people who don’t know what is good and what is bad and for who don’t know to set themself limits to avoid the bad and some of the good way regard to the others (this last thing I said is, if something is good but the law of the majority don’t want to, if we leave in it we have to limit, not erase, this for the respect). If I can have the DevKit, I’ll do it myself and make fan art for the pleasure for everyone and me, the only thing I’ll asign to me is a part of the art is from myself but all of the rest is not me. It is not a redistribute, it is a share for a tribute for the ARK Devs who make this game which is one of my favorite one (I buy it but I can’t play it because I don’t have any good computer for now, maybe never but I hope I’ll play it one day). It would be like I am next to them but I don’t and can’t work with them and by Blender and the little knowledge I have on it, I will do things to tell them thank you and see what your community support you, presents. They give us the opportunity to mod the original game (normaly, devs avoid modding but ARK autorised it) so the people can see and transform the existing model, which for me is worst than using the original to make 3D art of the game. They say yes for the sharing, not specificly assign to themself but to tell: “We gave them the opportunity to mod our own game with our own kit. They will do whatever they want as long as they respect each over.”.
I don’t ask you to believe me, but I ask you to know that I don’t want to do anything bad. If you know me, you’ll know that despite all the problems and limits I have, I’ll try for something good. All I ask is in four words, thank you and please.

(Sorry if I did mystakes in my sentences. My english is good only in certain cases and domain, I don’t know exactly how to make them well. I hope I made me understandable)