Ark Dev Kit Mac

How do you get ARK Dev Kit on mac?

Whatever it is you do to use Windows applications on Mac, or dual-boot Windows. The DevKit is a Windows only application.


Why would I want to use Windows Applications. So there is no way to make mods on OS X?

As I stated above, yes there is. The DevKit has only been made available natively for windows thus far, I don’t expect it to change in the near future.


Does anyone know if there are any plans to ever make a Dev Kit available for Mac?

I really want to poke around in that Dev Kit, but i don’t have a windows machine, and i don’t have enough discspace on my Boot Camp drive to install Unreal Engine on it :frowning:
I love the fact that this game is available for mac (even though it runs pretty poorly), but i wish it was possible to get in on the Dev Kit fun as well!


That is disappointing. Especially, because Epic doesn’t put a message that Macs are not supported in the Epic Games Launcher.

The Epic Games Launcher is a Mac application. It just doesn’t have a Modding tab.
I can run the unreal engine editor just fine. Make my own project and things.
This puzzles me. I downloaded it and made an Epic account with the idea of making a mod for ARK.
Well, apparently not then.