Ark dev kit is gone

Welp… was modding yesterday, everything’s going fine. Try to log in today and it crashes nonstop, it won’t even open. I notice there’s an update, ah, that must be the problem. Download update…


Not only do my mods seem to be gone, the entire Ark dev kit seems to have vanished. In the previous version there was a simple Ark tab at the top and a giant red launch button. Now, i’ve looked everywhere and i can’t find a way to launch the dev kit.
Please tell me i’m missing something and Epic Games isn’t this incompetent.

The deployment this morning was indeed missing an needed file update for the Ark tab. We’ve pushed it live now and confirmed the tab is showing.

If you exit and restart the launcher the Ark tab will now be available. (Make sure you have fully shut down and are not running in the system tray)

Cool thanks, i must have missed the update by mere minutes as i closed and opened many times.