ARK Dev Kit Installation change ?

I have downloaded and installed the ark dev kit on my HDD and now I have more space on my SSD like 300+GB and I want to move it there, so is there way to move the installation or I need to download again. Can anyone help me, I have slow connection :frowning: ?

Found a solution, here if someone else needs it.

Copy it to a folder on your SSD. Now go to the Epic Games launcher and uninstall, then tell it to install to a different folder on your SSD. Make sure it’s a different folder than the one you copied the dev kit contents to earlier. That’s the most important step in all of this. Let it start installing about a megabyte or two of the dev kit, just so that there are a couple files there. Now cancel the installation, but don’t delete any of the downloaded content. Move the copied dev kit to this folder, replacing any files that there are conflicts with, and resume the installation. It’ll skip the downloading straight to the installing and verifying point of the installation and you won’t have to re-download anything.

If you don’t want to uninstall and re-install the entire ADK, follow this guide instead.

Did this work at all