ARK Dev Kit help - Armor not working?

So I recently installed the ARK Dev Kit from Epic Games Launcher, works fine, I now realize I need to move it to a SSD file though, which I don’t have space for currently but yea, works fine…ish…

I looked up some tutorials and found The Wookies tutorial ‘ARK Dev Kit Tutorial: 9- New Armor!’
I watched and followed every step in the video doing what did, copying the assets, such as ‘femaleMetalShirt’ ‘maleMetalShirt’ or ‘EngramEntry_MetalShirt’ – I copied all those to a new folder called MyMod (obviously from the video)

After I had done everything he had done, I clicked onto ‘Play’ following his steps still, did the commands ‘GiveEngrams’ - ‘GiveResources’ and he realized the armor engram wasn’t in his inventory, but it was in his Engram List, however for me, it wasn’t, there was nothing there, both inventory and engram list, only the default engrams, no modded engram no nothing.
I went back through the video replaying everything, re-copying everything he did, and it still did not work… am I missing something? The tutorial was made in 2016, I haven’t been able to find a recent tutorial on making armor.

Can someone please explain to me?
Screenshot links are provided of the things I’ve done as followed in the video

Pasteboard - Uploaded Image (assets/content)

Pasteboard - Uploaded Image (EngramEntry)

Pasteboard - Uploaded Image (named green as that was my test mod)

Pasteboard - Uploaded Image (HUD material)

Pasteboard - Uploaded Image ( Crafting Requires , set to None so it’s in my inventory as video explains)

Pasteboard - Uploaded Image (male actor)

Pasteboard - Uploaded Image (female actor)

Pasteboard - Uploaded Image (PrimalGameData, the EngramEntry_MetalShirt_PolyPlateMetalShirt was my very first test, I wasn’t sure If I did something wrong so I made an entirely new folder with re-done assets/contents (the green one))

I’m not sure If I am missing something, the tutorial is 2016 as said above so… idk. Cheers for any help!