ARK Dev Kit Freeze.

Hi, I recently downloaded and installed the ADK and I launched it and went to the GenericMod folder and double clicked on the PrimalGameData blueprint as soon as I double click it the ADK just freezes and I cannot do anything. I have checked Task Manager and the Unreal Engine process is having low CPU Usage but the amount of memory it is using keeps going up currently (at the time of writing this) it is at 3 GB and keeps going up. My PC Specs are: CPU i3 6100, GPU GTX 1050, RAM 8GB. I am sure the specs of my pc are not the problem as I have Unreal Engine installed separately and any action I do in that works fine without it freezing. So if anyone has a solution to this please post it here.

I’m getting a similar problem. I’m following the tutorial to make a pick. At just about every step I get freezes. Some lasting up to 5 minutes or more. It could be my PC, I have an AMD 3.5 GHz 6300 6 core CPU and 16 GB of RAM.

Playing ARK on this PC, I have to reduce most of the settings as low as they will go to get about 45 fps. So does that mean it is just not powerful enough to run the dev kit? Or is there something else I can do to improve its performance?

I was assuming that if I can run ARK, I could run the dev kit, but maybe it requires even more performance from the PC?

The devkit will usually take a while to do anything the first time used and anytime after a verify. Even the first start of the day can take some time. There are a lot more assets that get loaded that just don’t exist in the ue4 editor. It does contain all the game assets where the ue4 kit only has the base assets. Just be patient and it should eventually load.
That being said, I’d HIGHLY recommend more ram for sure. I had 16gb then added 16 more and it loads MUCH, MUCH, MUCH quicker than it used to.