Ark Dev Kit freeze

Hey everyone,

I’m completely new to the modding world. Since I can’t find the structures I want for my houses I build ingame, I decided to just make my own. I’ve read up on stuff on how to do it, but when I try to drag-drop a blueprint to my mod folder, the dev kit freezes completely and I have to use my task manager to manually close it.
I’m pretty sure it’s not that my pc can’t handle it. I’m running an i7-6700k with 16gb ram, and a gtx 1080 vid card. Sooo, something else is happening here… Anyone got any ideas?

This happens to me a lot, sometimes you gotta just wait it out.

The devkit freezes up often. When dragging items around there is often some delay where the kit feels like it has crashed but you can usually wait and it will work. For other freezes I have found that it is quicker to kill the process and restart. You start to learn which ones over time. In most cases I think the dev kit will either pop up a crash message or free up eventually but it can take many minutes some times.

I took a long break from ARK because the dev kit was ****. Still pathetic I see. Break commencing.

The reason why the Dev Kit freezes is due to all the assets the kit tries to load into memory. Good thing I have an SSD as it helps big time with this issue. I would feel the pain if I was using a non-SSD drive.

I wish I would have know that. I have two Hard drives in my PC, my OP runs on my SSD Drive, I installed the Dev (sh)kit on my larger Multimedia… this drive is not an SSD and the Dev (Sh)ikit freezes and crashes on it…

I literally cant get anything done Just trying to copy the three files from the Genaric folder into my Mod folder causes this(see Image) to happen…

Is there another option? like, can I make mods just using the Unreal game maker or something?