Ark Dev Kit / Foliage height issue NEED HELP BADLY!

Hi ,

I’m working with a small team to make an epic map for ARK but we ran into some issues.
I forgot to set up my water plane at the start of the map creation. Therefore I ran into the blue blur underwater issue.
I had to elevate all my assets down (landscape, water, etc) to get better underwater results but I found out that all my foliage is still up where the landscape was originally. I can’t seem to find a way to move the foliage along with the landscape or to move it at all. I tried the “FIND GROUND” button in the foliage settings and figured that I have to select all before I use it. After hours of foliage remapping the result was nothing.

Can someone please assist us here?

Is there any way to move the foliage back to the ground once I have the proper height?
Or is there a way to avoid the blue blur water bug without moving the landscape height to a lower level?

Any help is much appreciated.


Fixed issue myself…

How did you fixed this? Describe it for others which might have same issue

Hi Sadaleus,

Here is the forum link to the solution:!!!-%29