ARK DEV KIT - Files don't Upload to Steam - No errors

Hello guys
Hope there’s someone who can help me out, im driving crazy >.<

I created a map in Ark Dev Kit and I’m trying to upload it to steam.

Well I “Cook Map”, doesn’t give any errors, I click "upload " and i get a message says it has uploaded…

After this i go to my steam and look in my contents and deff my img map is there aswell all the info i wrote in description…i hit subscribe, try to run it in the game but there are levels there that shouldnt be available to player… i try to ignore that and run the main level, it tries to enter the game but then send me back to lobby (without going to caracter creation) and i realize the file in steam its less than 1 mb …wich its impossible, so the files werent sent… but … why?

Anyone had this kind of issue?

Ill put some img up so you can have the idea of what im going through…

After i posted, i decided to delete the mod from my steam and try fresh again… but it was even worst-… now i cant even upload anything… although my dev kit says everything is OK and it DID upload everything!!! Lies!!! it says it upload just by pressing the Upload key…without cook anything…

Anyone??? Ideas??