Ark Dev Kit : Features request [New Procedure 4/11]

I’m going to compile your ideas into a single file and give it to the devs :slight_smile:

keep suggesting new features, i’ll try to send them a list once every two weeks.

Blueprint requests:

-In “StructureBaseBP” or in the C++ class “PrimalStructure.h/.cpp” please expose the Transform->Mobility value to blueprint. I know it’s not natively exposed, but it would be nice to stop a structure from following the camera when its in the preview phase of placement.
-Expose “Structure To Build” in Primal Item Structure Generic to blueprints. My intent is to allow the player to change which structure they are currently placing without going into their inventory, or even leaving the ‘preview phase’ of structure placement.

However if someone knows of some existing method of doing either of those please let me know! Thanks.

i’ll post them for the next features request :slight_smile:

Devs are quite busy so i can’t and don’t want to bother them everyday asking for features. that’s why i’m choosing the weekly / biweekly pace for sending the list.

Hi ,

I have been keeping my own list, would appreciate if you could communicate it to the devs:

I will continue to maintain it as I am very active in the forums and on IRC

That was included in the list. i’m also interested in having more gender definitions to make a class / race system easier.

Another thing that would be nice is that besides allowing different color pallets for each gender of a dino, like they do now, give the option to have two different models… It would be nice to have some sexual dimorphism. Maybe even allow different stats if you want to get real crazy.

But it would probably be easier to create two different character_BP if you can get them to mate boost to each other…

Anywho… Some soft of sexual dimorphism beyond color (at least models) would be nice…

It would be nice if we could get the web browser UMG widget from the later version of UE brought into the ADK if possible. I would like to build a TV/computer mod :slight_smile:

I think we can’t use any dynamic/skeletal meshes for weapons or projectile it seems. I wanted to throw dodos at people :'(. (like having an animated weapon or projectile (here a live dodo))

I would like better tribe support in blueprints.
The ability to set the tribe of structures and dinos spawned via a blueprint.
The ability to get the tribe of structures/dinos in the world via blueprint.
Let us tap into the same system they use for determining tribe access to things, based on the governance options.

It would also be nice if activatable structures received an activation event instead of having to setup inefficient timers and monitor bContainerActivated.

This one is probably a pipe dream as I am not sure it would be feasible, but I would love being able to set a volume as underwater or not.

These are the main things I have encountered so far that are preventing me from doing what I have in mind for my mod. I will post any further things I run into. It would be fantastic if we could get the additional functionality listed in this thread while the mod contest is going on as we will definately see far more interesting mods as a result.

unlock the content like u said u were going to so we dont have to ask stupid questions or get someone who actually helped build the game to be support for us :slight_smile:

just wondering where i can find playerpawntest? cant seam to locate it anyway

An extension of functionality for blueprints in regards to snap points… the ability to transform an actor based on the snap point it snaps to.

This rather small extension of functionality would enable a mod I’m working on to be done in minutes or hours rather than what has turned into over a week…


The Feature For Custom Shop/Trade Signs That Players Can Trade with others ( you know what i mean since you replyied to my other forum)

I am not sure if you can do this now. I asked in forums never got an answer. Is their a way to add items to loot tables / supply drops and make the mod stackable. With other mods that mod the same.

Extent graph functionality to work with simple functions (trigger event -> conditions -> action) related to gameplay mechanics, like altering the status of an object/character upon specific events. RNG functionality might also be nice.

ability too change the cheatmanager and change reload sound from the BP and more realstic weapon configs such as you can enter the bullets weight for bullet drop or being able to set it do auto semi burst

Add improvements for translations that we can’t translate some words, add features for translations… Someday ARK need translate the game in the future, with translation tables is very easy add a lot of languages and community can help. Maybe external site for community translations? People wants to play in official servers with translations, now is not supported and players of translation-mods are angry because they only can play in modded servers with his language.

Translation might not be a priority until the game is out of the alpha / early access stage to be honest. This feature has been asked already and the official answer is that it is very low priority right now.

Update ARKDevKit to Unreal Engine 4.9.1, is using a old version: 4.5.1!

*With UnrealEngine4.9.1 people can test DX12 experimental with command line “-DX12” and more patchnotes,
modders can test their mods running with DX12.

With UE4.9.1 have particle colision, good improvement for fire particles, snow particles or new partciles of modders

More notes:

Please keep updated the version of Unreal Engine in the game and in the ARKDevKit