Ark Dev Kit : Features request [New Procedure 4/11]

ability too change the cheatmanager and change reload sound from the BP and more realstic weapon configs such as you can enter the bullets weight for bullet drop or being able to set it do auto semi burst

Add improvements for translations that we can’t translate some words, add features for translations… Someday ARK need translate the game in the future, with translation tables is very easy add a lot of languages and community can help. Maybe external site for community translations? People wants to play in official servers with translations, now is not supported and players of translation-mods are angry because they only can play in modded servers with his language.

Translation might not be a priority until the game is out of the alpha / early access stage to be honest. This feature has been asked already and the official answer is that it is very low priority right now.

Update ARKDevKit to Unreal Engine 4.9.1, is using a old version: 4.5.1!

*With UnrealEngine4.9.1 people can test DX12 experimental with command line “-DX12” and more patchnotes,
modders can test their mods running with DX12.

With UE4.9.1 have particle colision, good improvement for fire particles, snow particles or new partciles of modders

More notes:

Please keep updated the version of Unreal Engine in the game and in the ARKDevKit

it would prob take to much to convert so i doubt it will ever be updated

They use a custom version of unreal engine based on 4.5. they can add any features they want from newer versions :slight_smile:

And again i think it’s low priority and in my opinion i see no point updating to 4.9 currently.

Same custom version can be upgraded with new versions of UE, only add more features and the content can be better. The upgrade is created by Unreal, they only need upgrade his Custom Version with new content. Is my opinion

My previously suggested items…

To summarize;
AdditionalItemList - Here we can place our BPs and be able to spawn them in the game with ‘GiveItemNum’, as well as being able to specify our starting number.

  • E.g. We set starting number at 1,000. Then to spawn in our first item; cheat giveitemnum 1000 1 0 false et c
  • This would allow modders the room to add in items without fear of losing them on the next patch update.

Ability to create our own AdminCommands.
I really don’t care how they do this, but we need a lot more commands.

Combat/Battle/Player Logs.
The ability to log out all combat in the game.

  • E.g. Player 1 <TRIBE> attacked Player 2 <TRIBE> with <item, quality> at <[date], time>
  • E.g. Player 1 <TRIBE> attached Dino <name, tribe> with <item, quality> at <[date], time>
    Perhaps even give us unlimited scope to adjust this as we sit fit… IE a BP class that the PrimalData links to.
    Then within that we can add all the different variables into a logging string we see fit;
  • E.g. Attacking Player/Dino/Turret, Attacked Player Player/Dino/Turret, Date and Time, Online Status, Weapon, Tribe, Location, Login/Logoff Date - Time et c

Overhaul of the item system (it is totally *** backwards).
There is no need for multiple item files (eg Longneck, assault rifle) when you can have attachment points. Same thing goes for ammo types.

  • E.g. Weapons should have a single field for ammo: Can Accept Ammo Class: <specify parent class> - None of this **** the way it is setup now.
    Crop plots should not get their plant location information from the seed. The seed should just dictate growth rates, meshes et c, the Crop Plot itself should dictate where the plant mesh is located and spawned in at.

The ability to create Parent Class information… For example, Material types; Stone, Wood, Metal (not talking about the resource files, but the parent material type for dictating sounds and interactivity)


The ability to Rotate Placeable game objects with the scroll wheel of your mouse or via key presses.

And here is major additional overhaul requirement.
Redesign all your Structure meshes! There is ZERO need to have a single wall element be in the area of 3,400 Tri’s! That is just stupid.
Bake out that detail into a Norm/Parallax map or something ffs.
If you absolutely want that, make it only load in under an ‘INSANE’ graphics option.
You can reduce a wall element down to 12 Tri’s with a very decent normal or parallax texture. How many more can you fit on the screen with that kind of reduction? 283!!!

There are a lot more… but lets see them tackle some of this first before I get into the other stuff.

.: ETA :.
Really simple one;
When adding items to Item lists for loot spawns or default inventories… Would be awesome if we could Specify QUANTITY.
Instead of having to add the item over and over to get the specified number.
Gets a little stupid if you need more than 10 of the same item.

i want the option to modify the ingame messages like the level up message or when items are added to the inventory,its easier for me and the other people of the translation community because at the moment we cant translate all things,we work on the german translation an 90% of the files that we can modify are translated. and i think its a good thing for the devs when we the community can help to to the translation we already startet with it, and with our translations we help the devs cause they dont need to put so much work in the translations in the future cause we do this ,and we want nothing for that, we do that because we love their game and want to help the devs and the other players, cause its easier to play a game in the own language, our translation has already nearly 2000 players they are use the translation,and some server use the tc of course, and the palyers are so happy for that. i think its a failure from the devs to set translation to low priority…

  1. A request that is equal parts toward the editor and the game itself: add some way to introduce structure-based recipes without them having to be learned through the engram list or being set to craft automatically (where the recipe is invisible).

  2. A small problem, but the “additional structure engrams” list is a bit redundant since editing the inventory defaults for the structure and adding things to that list causes recipes to appear twice. Why not have the “additional” list instead do the suggestion above? Engrams that are visible without the player having to learn them.

Not sure if this fit on here, but i feel we lack a massive amount of support, and it really applies for when people are stuck I see so many unanswered questions, can we not get a dev or someone to come on every 1-3 days sweep these forums and help people with what they are stuck with / give guidance / advice?

Moving ‘NPCRandomSpawnClassWeights’ from the world settings and into the primal game data so mods can make use of it.

Debug draw for snap points, or some kind of way to visually edit snap points as components in the structure editor window.

Add ‘scale’ option to each snap point.

Better tool tips/documentation on all structure and snap point options, for example, ‘is floor’ actually makes it a roof that blocks rain and gives indoor buff.

An explanation on how to read crash reports, currently I just pick a random word from the top and check if I modified it. Hit or miss but a proper method would help.

Ingame translation is not really a priority… OK
But is there a way to have proper/cleaned version of all published/Introduced Dino dossiers ? Clean them is a huge work…

Thank you.

@samus35 hm i think there are no clean version of the dossiers but i use corel paint shop and with the make up tool its fast an easy to remove the letters :slight_smile:

Dev must have them.
The game must be translated one day so, the dossiers must be “ready” to be translated one day.

I’m a bit surprised they are not already in the gamedata. I thinked that dossiers was “cleaned” version with drawings more one layer, like transparent PNG, with english text. Doing so would have been cleaner than making a complete file for each language, no ?

If you want to share your clean work, i’m interested !

The only i have is the Direwolf.

Samus when i have time i will upload the clean version for you.Each of them are around 10mb.In what Language are you making the translation?

Thank you very much !
If you want, you can share them via dropbox (it will be more easy for you maybe)
It’s for French. If you want my direwolf…

suggestion: we need a button in the editor that takes a screeenshot and then lets you take some notes on it and post it to a thread in these forums with our username in just a click.

i know you can print screen, open paint, make notes, upload to external pic host and post link to thread, but most of the time you just post some keywords and hope that another forum member know what you are talking about, some experienced members allready do all this work manually and those are the most usefull posts