Ark Dev Kit Fatal Error

I followed the steps on Mod:Modding - ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Downloaded the ark dev kit from steam.
Got the files from github and pasted them in the ark dev kit folder.

And when I proceed to launch it, I get the following error:

I have tried verifying the files, but no change.

What’s going wrong?

Hey, you can’t use the devkit from steam at all anymore. You have to get the epic games launcher and install the devkit from there.

Guess following the wiki was a bad idea…


I had the same problem, and it was Epic games website that told me a I had to install the dev kit from Steam’s tools menu. What a crappy start to modding.

I got my mod to work but I made a change and also went to hell. Here nobody knows how to fix it? Why does the mod work in the ark dev kit but when you install it on a server it leaves fatal error?