ARK Dev Kit Custom Dino Elite Dragon

Hi all, i have question about Elite Dragon Setting

  1. How i can do id Elite Dragon its need to used this command GMSummon “ID Dino” <level> ?
  2. How i can do Grab on btn " C " or other ?
  3. How i can do spawn in Se map or other ?
  4. How i can do ImprintQuality ?
  5. How i can do Color Region
  6. How i can add item with taming this when in a Torp
  7. How i can add Torp


Some one can help me ?

Some one can help me ?

Plz help me!!!

Try to keep the questions limited to one subject, thus not making your topic polluted with threads within your own thread.

That being said, have you tried opening the blueprint of a creature that already has one of these features, and, then, checking the box for “show only modified properties” to see what has been changed from default? This option is found in the defaults section(find this option after clicking the “eye” icon to the right of the search box.

ok i do one questions in subject.