ARK Dev Kit Custom Dino Elite Dragon Torp and special item for taiming

Hi all, i have question about Elite Dragon Setting

How i can add special item for taming when in a Torp
How i can add Torp

Normally torpor is applied by using some kind of DmgType, that can be produced by a projectile, or some other action
Now, if you want to create a specific gun or item, and only that item can be used to apply torpor to your custom dino, you will need to create or copy some “Shooter Damage Type” blueprint.
You can see as an example the blueprint “DmgType_ProjectileWithImpactFX_Tranq”, you can copy and rename it…
Then to make your custom dino receive torpor, only by that “DmgType”, you need to enable the option “Use BPAdjust Damage” in your dino Default options.
After implementing the function in your graph, you will notice the function contains a few arguments, the most important ones are the “Incoming Damage” that contains the ammount of damage, and “The Damage Event” that after breaking contains the “DmgType” class, that you can use to check if is your created “DmgType”. After confirming that is your “DmgType”, you have to return the incoming damage in the “ReturnNode”, otherwise if not your “DmgType”, you have to return “0.0”
You can see a more complex example of this “BPAdjust Damage” in the “Titanosaur_Character_BP”, where they even check what part of the body did hit.
Hope this helps

thks. how about special item for taming?

Well, depends how you wanna tame him. I can give you an example, but i need you to tell me how you want that item to tame the dino.
Will it be by hitting the dino with it, by feeding the item to the dino, by being close to the dino with the item?

i mean, when wild dino is sleep ( topr max ), then need specila food for taming which 100% lvl after taming like this Carnotaurus - ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki Taming food Kibble its special food

First of all, the key here is affinity. When the dino has enough it will be tamed.
In the dino blueprint, you have an option to define the “Dino Settings Class”, this class contains all the food efectiveness for that dino.
Normally Wildcard uses the “Extra food efectiveness multipliers”, to define some special food(or kibble) that will give a lot of affinity when the dino eats.
You can create a copy of any of that settings for your dino, and define some special food that will give full affinity to your custom dino.
In your dino, check for “Required Tame Affinity”, and set your settings accordingly.
Hope this helps

all this settings i can find in here Dragon_Character_BP.uasset ??

i change this bp for my custom dragon

The dino settings for the Dragon_Character_BP are “DinoSettings_Carnivore_Huge_Spino”. You can copy those settings to your mod folder
and change the “Extra food efectiveness multipliers” to be your custom food, and also change the affinity to be the total value for your dino.
Remember to associate that settings file with your dino, otherwise it will use the default.
Here are some pictures, to help you understand what you have to change

settings affinity.png

thks alote !