ARK Dev Kit Custom Dino Elite Dragon spawn in Se

Hi all, i have question about Elite Dragon Setting

How i can do spawn in Se map or other ?


need help thnks

some one can help me ?

I dont understand you question ?_?

What Elite Dragon ? do you mean a Alpha Wyvern or the Dragon Boss from the Arena ?

Dragon Boss - get model

Used this bp Dragon_Character_BP.uasset

i mean how i can do auto spawn Se map or other like a **Wild **wyver or others Wild dino

steel need help

You will first need to add it to the “additional dinos entries” in the PGD, and then you can either use NPC replacement variables, make a spawn zone container addition, or make a map extension with a custom spawn zone, manager and npc manager for your dino.

thnks but can we show me where is " additional dinos entries " ?

The first result of doing google search on your quoted text.

thnks a lot