ARK Dev Kit Custom Dino Elite Dragon " id "

Hi all, i have question about Elite Dragon Setting

How i can do id Elite Dragon its need to used this command GMSummon “ID Dino” <level> ?


In Play in Editor(PiE) open the command pallet(press Tab button), and then type GMSummon “EliteDragon_Character_C” 100 or whatever the character blueprint name is add the _C at the end.

i do custom elite dragon and i need to change default id on my id but i dont find where it change

Right Click on the character blueprint in the content browser, and then select “copy reference”. This will copy the character class description as well as the path, but you can find the description that way. I don’t know what “ID” you are referring to.

u mean when i copy this file " Dragon_Character_BP.uasset " and rename this file like " MyDragon_Character_BP " it is my own id ?

No. In order to run the command “GMSummon” you need to specify a CLASS(Class names end in “_C”) name to summon. In your case, it looks like that would be “MyDragon_Character_BP_C”

understood, thks