Ark Dev Kit crashing

Ark dev kit was working fine earlier but now every time I open it, it pops up a window saying that it crashed and then closes. I have tried re-verifying it and I have tried restarting my computer to no avail. If someone could please help me I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Hi rob63082, some more information regarding this crash would be very helpful. Crash logs, what you are doing (exactly) what changes were made when the ADK started to crash, etc… With that information we might be able to better assist you.

Try moving your mod folder to another location (another drive or similar) and then try to start, if it starts then try moving your mod back in piece by piece, when it crashes you will know what files are corrupted

Hi my dev kit crashes when i right click on primal bp is this supposed to happen?

My Dev kit crash when I try to copy the files the GenericMod