Ark dev kit bug?

I was about to start ark dev kit when it sad that it needed to update and when i tried to update it sad that it needed 120 gb to update is that true?

yes its a epic launch bug there nothing Wildcard can do about it Epic needs to fix it on there end

Yup. It is unfortunate. If you need to update but don’t have the space on your hard drive (I used to have to do this before getting a larger SSD) you can uninstall the editor and reinstall, that way you will just need the initial install size not the install + the update.
Not the best of solutions, particularly if you have capped internet or slow download speeds, but it’s what we have for now. FYI backup all your stuff, uninstalling deletes everything in the dev kit folder. Also you have to recompile shaders if your working on a map after the reinstall, which can take some time.