ARK Crashes when using my mod, don't know why

ARK crashes after a few minutes when loading into the map, I can get to the Survivor Creation screen, then shortly after the game crashes with an error log to big for the screen to view it all, I have the dump files it creates if those will help, but I can’t read them as they are encoded. The only time this seems to happen is when I remap engrams in my mod.

Since I can’t upload the dmp files in this post I’ve uploaded them to my drive:

Hey Vokunzun,

We (moderators) took a look at the dump file and couldn’t find anything useful in terms of letting us know where the problem lies.

Could you please take a screenshot of the fatal error log please? Generally speaking the fatal error logs contain more info as to what lines caused the crash (which in turn tells us where the problem is generally). Even if you can only get half of it, it would be immensely helpful in trying to diagnose this!

Here’s the best image I could get: 9239209bebd3030de4f9c318719265e46511c3c1.png

Alright, so after reading this, it looks like it is crashing on generating the supply crate drops. I think it’s specifically crashing on a certain item being added from the looks of it.

But what could that be? I didn’t touch the supply crates in my mod, all I edited was stack sizes, spoilage, structure placement collision on Ceilings, Floors, and Walls, and Status BPs, I don’t see how changing any of those would cause the crash.

When you were updating the structure placer blueprint did you do this through the gamedatabp or the structure placer blueprint. You should be using the additional structures to place array in the game data bp if you aren’t already. That would be a reason why a supply crate attempted to spawn but only returned with null.

I am using the additonal structures to place array for the new items with the removed placement collision check, so I don’t know where I went wrong…Can I post the source, maybe glance at it and see where I could have gone wrong?