Ark City Expansion Pack V7

Hello , This is My Mod
I aim to add city-like features into the game to make it have a more “today feel” with my brand new paths you could make your own little village with your tribe and have the Dirt or Road texture paths coming from your house to other buildings if you advanced enough in the game you could even have lamppost and a full dinosaur traffic system :smiley: , you don’t have to use the default Thatch , Wood , Stone and Metal Structure sets because now with my Mod you have the Brick Set completely made of brand New 3D models to give your village a modern day look (you don’t walk down your street in real life and see a wood or thatch house now do you? :P) anyway my brick structure have stunning 3D models that really give a awesome feel to the game even on Low Graphic Settings ,The Cement Mixer is the main Crafting Structure it is the first thing you need to being crafting in my mod , there have been lots of requests for the idea i have created so i think i have done a good job in making it come true :slight_smile:

Useful Links
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Here is the Cover Photo