Ark Advance (Automated doors)

just wanted to share what is in the works

[video]ARK Advance automated doors - YouTube

=) i got it!

Senor/Proxy Lights coming Soon!

…So people don’t say im stealings ideas :cool:


I do strukture mods too… do you have any tutorials you used to make your doors ? some of my stuff oben the wrong way :frowning:

looks very good ;D

as soon as i get it full functional i will release the BP code so people can use as of right not the door seems to open for anyone im trying to find out to get it to only open for owner but any own variable or function i use doesn’t seem to work

Hey spezz, to determine ownership you can compare the “targeting team” variable on the door and the opening player.

Please do show the BP code when finished.

Mezzow has some screenshots showing how to check whether someone is owner, same tribe or admin on the menu wheel of an item. Maybe you can use it to check for tribe ownership on your mod. It’s the 6th screenshot down this thread: