Arid Desert Environment Set [submitted]



hi Bbox85,

Look great , nice work, voted .

Nice! Have to ask though… Why is your submission marked as WINDOWS only? Surely this is compatible with OSX too right?

Hey TommyBear, yeah I must have overlooked that part. This is pretty standard content and should also work with osx.

Looks great! will vote for this one!

This looks nice.

Just one word NICE

Do these renders have a filter or post process applied? If so is there anyway to see a regular shot with basic directional lighting applied?

@X.E.R.T. - Good call! Hope these screenshots help. The post volume is turned off. Also, originally the scene was lit by just the one source light so nothing has changed there. I’ll also put together an image of all the separate assets included and post it up soon.

Thanks for these, it really shows the true colors of the details on those rocks! Nicely done Bbox85, I look forward to using it in my desert scenes.

Hey everyone! I updated the first post with some recent screenshots and a video fly through. Also, here’s a link to a video demonstrating how the assets are used.

I really like the overall feel of this package, and with some tweaking, it will work great for my project.

Some things that need fixed:

  • High Res textures: From a distance, the texturing is great on the rocks, up close, well… the illusion of being in a desert fades away
  • Ground textures: The ground textures look extremely flat while in VR. If there was some displacement maps, along with tessellation, this would fix it
  • Some of the collisions in on the rocks are a bit off
  • Sadly, all of the plant life has to be done away with due to the aforementioned VR experience.

Overall, good work on the pack, just needs some tweaks.