ARgh. Noob question on close holes in tutorial

Ok, a complete Noob question, I’m going through your tutorial with simple statue and I’m trying to close the hole at the bottom of the statue

It says that you can check topology and indeed I can see a single hole at the bottom. The tutorial says then to run Reconstruction \> Tools \> Close Holes and it runs successfully, but I still see a hole at the base of the statue.

I’m tearing my hair out and have been googling, but can’t see what I’m doing wrong.

Oh I get, it never mind, for other noobs, this is because since the “hole” at the bottom is so large, you need to bump up the Max edge count to way past the default. There is no error noting this, but it is in the tutorial as a side node.

Hi Rich,

I’m glad you figured it out in the end and thank you for posting again to help out other users.