Argh!!! How is this helpful?

Argh!!! How does this message help me in any way shape or form? The compile fails, so what, I don’t care that it failed, I want to know WHY it failed?

Seriously, where do I start to look for a problem to solve based on this useless message? Do I count the number of source files and and then look for a file that is 75% of the way down the list? What order should I use? Do I print them out and tape them over a dart board? Spread them out over the floor and see which one my cat sleeps on?


This might be stupid but have you tried compiling from xcode (your on linux?)

It compiles fine in the ide (using Kdevelop). IT was jsut a toy project while I am getting to know UE4 but surely there must be better error messages than that. Can’t it at least say “Failed compiling this_file.cpp”