Arg! Epic Games Launcher crashes, their support sent me here

Had a nice chat with Epic support. They reviewed my error logs and system info, on their end they seem to think I shouldn’t be having an error. The advice: “you will need to contact Unreal Engine’s support team for assistance with this one as they are the ones who have access to resources on how to fix such error messages from their system.” In short, the error is:

Assertion failed: IsValid()
[File:d\build++portal\sync\engine\source\runtime\core\public\Templates/SharedPointer.h] [Line: 851]

Might add that I recently updated to Windows 11, and have run the Epic Launcher since then. I’ve been to their support page and have done all the steps to fix it that they have listed, and nothing works. Thanks for any help!!

Hi Suxena,

For help troubleshooting your individual project, we recommend you post your question on our Q&A forum . They will be better able to address specific problems like yours.


Hi Suxena.

Sorry you were directed over to the Unreal Engine side of things; unfortunately that’s not accurate for issues with the launcher. I’ve spoken to Epic Support and by now they should have followed up on your ticket again.

Good luck