Arena Map

I’m planning to make small/mid size arena style pvp map and i guessed you guys might like what i’ve created so far, so without further delay, here are two (very) early pics, and tell me what ya guys think.
Level itself:

The hectic coding that makes the material working ^-^"

I’m planning on using the Sound Visualizer plugin to move the pillars above the map in sync with the music playing on the map,will also add some kind of elevators that move up and down at random, and will also add more cover and objects at a later stage, but its a good begin i hope ^-^/

if any of you have ideas that could improve this, suggestions or pieces of code that would make this map more awesome, i’d really love to hear it.

P.S when the map is finished, i WILL make the map and project fully public, might send it to you guys (referring to epic games) for unreal tournament :slight_smile:

edit1: apparently gifv’s don’t work, so linked it.