Area fog?

Hi all,
The question is rather simple - I want to have fog effect inside some area and ZERO fog effect outside it. I always thought it may be easily done in UE, as you can use volumetric fog, but now it turns out damned fog is endless. Is there any way to have simple volumetric (area) fog, like one you can enjoy in any, even most basic engines?
Before posting here I googled and found only terrible answers - one person suggests to have endless fog and make it almost invisible, which is ********. Another one suggests using particles for that, which is also absolutely unacceptable. Is it possible Epic made such epic fall and just did not include area fog option in engine? All those cool stuff the engine has and no damned area fog?

nope, such basic stuff missing (again). We had some great simple usable volumes in UEd3 (or even vehicle-factory actors), but no more in UE4. Happy building from scratch everybody! over and over again.

This Free Plugin could help
Check out the example in map7, its could be what your looking for.

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Thanks for suggestion, but I doubt that can help. I need fog to make some volumetric light effects. Problem is I am making space scene and need some good life effects inside ship, but outside there should be absolutely clear. thats why particles and such stuff are not an option.

Post process volume. Plus a custom material.
You can also add volumetric materials.

There was a live talk where they showcased instances fog particles made with cascade.

There are just so many ways to achieve this it’s not even funny. Performance wise, it’s also a rather tough choice to make.

And re “particles … are not an option” you are just plain wrong.
Mask the material to be invisible outside of the area of interest.

This can be done in thousands of ways. Easiest one probably being a custom stencil on the environment mesh.
The mesh is probably always visible from inside, and only sometimes from the outside, making the mask possible.

Do your research, man. :slight_smile:

Yes its possible, just follow the Ryan Brucks tutorial here -…fog-techniques The screenshot thats there on the “Faking self shadowing” part is the final material setup, I use it all the time. Just add some sphere mask to mask the fog so there is only fog in an area you want.