Are your servers ok?


I just try to update to the 4.10 preview 2 and appart from slow transfer rates (800Kb/sec), Im now hitting this message with about 650 MByte more to go. When I retry, the download resumes to about 600 MByte and the message shows up again…
Whats wrong?


Hi KVogler,

We’ll investigate how the servers were handling at the time you posted this. Has it since resolved for you? And if so, what time was it successful?

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for looking into this :slight_smile:
The download went through about 1 hour later and finished with an average transfer speed of 800 KByte/sec.


It is not successful for me too - my internet is okay (I can post this message lol). However, this is not really big deal because usually this should be ok in hours - but I saw this thread, so just to let you know.


I think there is something wrong since this thread is up (not because of the thread of coz). I now cannot connect to wiki eg (Working with Audio | Unreal Engine Documentation). But when I used proxy server, it is immediately okay. Is my ip blacklisted by Epic? :confused: