Are you using object pooling?

I was wondering because I couldn’t find any information about particle pooling usage in UE4. Is it because everyone uses it, or is the garbage collection in UE4 so efficient that it no more matters on pc? (On mobile it is essential, I guess.)

I got a bit afraid as I saw the object count increases fast when spawing a little dust cloud for footsteps, so I guessed I better implement one.

Particle Memory Management

In your particle you can choose the option Required -> Kill On Completed / Kill on Deactivated if you want to keep your particle object count down :slight_smile:

Otherwise it’s probably best to let UE4 handle particle memory management, as a system is already fullly in place for you thanks to our lovely friends at Epic :slight_smile:




Thanks for your response Rama :slight_smile:

Well, such a luxury stay here, isn’t it? :smiley:

so theres a little enum at the bottom called pooling method in 4.20, should i keep it set to none, or use auto release (if i leave kill on deactivate and completed off)?