Are we legally allowed to make and publish game similar to Rocket League?

I would like to ask you if it is okay to make game that has almost same gameplay of Rocket League but with its own materials and graphics and some differences
Because I see plenty of Rocket League clones out there in Markets but I am confused did they ask for consent from Psyonix or it is legal to make a game as long as you don’t steal any of the original game materials

They’re flying under the radar. If you make a game that is basically the same, and start to make a lot of money from it, Psyonix’s lawyers will be interested in having a chat…

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But they already have millions of downloads

Turbo League:

Rocket Soccer Derby:

they cannot be unnoticed by Psyonix
so why they are still there?

I have no idea, maybe someone else can chip in here?..

if many others are doing it it could be that it is considered a common game mechanic system.
make sure everything looks different and put a bit of your own spin on anims and effects
anyone can make a counterstrike, cod, deathmatch, racer,
just don’t blatantly copy their ip
the climb is famous, but I am allowed to make a climb game
if I designed all of my grips the same I might get in trouble, but I can make a climber.

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You can do it, is a soccer game with cars It is impossible to copyright football and racing cars as a concept is all old stuff… Rocket League copied a concepts from another 2D car game whit a footbool mood…so if Rocket League decides to sue you it turns out that they report themselves for Copyright

but why do you have to copy rocket league that sucks hard…make a Destrucion derby!!

I tried to publish my game in some markets but they keep asking me to provide consent from Psyonix

if you really have to make a soccer game with cars make a causal raceing video game with a public mod/map editor and you put football as a mod published by anonymous user

however it is possible that the Psyonix gives you permission your game on the market advertises them as roket ligue magnifying the value of rocket league in self if your game is better than theirs, prepare for a agresive respose

Bottom line if to many elements are similar then yeah you could be violating copyright. Game play can not be copyrighted but art content can be as far as being original art. In all cases however expect to at least receive a slap suit if your game does become popular. Noting to do with copyright but as a mater of doing business.

FrankieV he is saying in a nutshell:it doesn’t matter rights you infringe if you are successful on the end which is also logical you invented the hut but I made the hut better now is caled 2 sore home whit a garage…and a pol 20m deap just for the thrill

but pseudo copying must go beyond copying to the point that what is copied becomes meaningless jokes in the face of greatness

instead of making a football car game make a american regby car game on it’s pretty much the same thing but legally it’s another thing it’s another sport entirely make a ball oval solved the copyright issue destruction derby mixed with american rugby a nice super violent game typically USA you put in a few nazca car routes and you’ve made an AAA best seller

this completely ruin rocket league which goes bankrupt in 2 years maximum this is short sell…hahahahaha

put a robotic arm that catches the oval ball to a car base the gameplay on this video cars are pretty girls who collide and cheer

the difference between oval ball and round ball in a legal dispute over which comes first it would be a lot of fun to follow in court fresh-baked popcorn on a movie you’ve seen before but to see again on 8k TV…

its not illegal to copy a game design.

my first game was a clone of a clone of a clone of a board game.

change coat of paint and dont use same names and there is nothing illegal about it. same way mcdonalds cannot copyright french fries and hamburgers