Are We Going to be Getting a SotF Devkit?

Now that SotF is its own game, are we going to be getting devkit updates for both the normal and SotF games? For that matter, are mods even going to be a thing with this new SotF?

What makes you think SOTF being a seperate thing will affect Mods in any way? So far I have not seen a single Mod based on SOTF or one that modified it. Until today modding was always centered around the original game. Not saying that you are wrong but it would be helpful if you evaluate your points a bit more than just dropping these two questions.

I personally hope that they will extend the Devkit with all the upcoming features they integrate into SOTF. At its current state, the new SOTF does nothing special to what it did before. So we are kinda up to date.

I don’t think a separate DevKit will ever be on the cards, but hopefully now that SoTF has its own team and is getting some Dev Love they’ll start releasing the updated files here for us - the last files I think we got were 22x.x or something?


The last SOTF mod update happened on the 16 Nov, 2015 and we got access to a new batch of SOTF files on the 11 Nov, 2015. So I think we are quite close in termns of the Mod but Ì guess they still did some tuning for the new game.

I can see how my original questions could be misconstrued, so I’ll try to clarify:

  1. Is SotF going to have mods?
  2. Regardless of the answer to question 1, are the SotF files going to be made available to us (and kept up-to-date)?

Did you ever find an answer to those questions? I’ve been searching for a little under an hour now with no luck thus far…

Yes, it was confirmed in Digest 29 (posted April 7th) that there will be SotF mods and a devkit at some point.

Oh, sweet! Thanks! Can’t believe I missed that. :o