Are we getting VS2017 for UE 4.15?

Hello guys,

Visual Studio 2017 was just realeased, and I was wondering if we could get support for it in UE4? And if we do, when? I’m really excited about it for it’s new features and I really wanna use it with UE4 (intellisense might be faster).

Or can we somehow launch the projects with it?

IIRC it is supported, This was brought up in the preview/release thread.


Thanks for update. I managed to run VS2017 with UE4.15. For all the guys who want to do it: Just install VS2017 and make sure C++ development and Windows 8.1 SDK is marked. Note that for me simply installing the win8.1 sdk didn’t work. I had to go and download it manually and install it. Works like charm!

Did Intellisense not already improve with UE4.15? There was this thread about Speeding Up Intellisense for precompiled Headers @Young_Wolf Can you tell us what UE Version you are currently using and if you noticed performance improvements or even issues in MSVS 2017?

I didn’t know you could download the SDK separately, do you have the link, is there one for UWP SDK as well?
But I thought it was not required, VS installer workload for UE does not require it.

I compiled UE4 with VS2017 and I must say intellisense support has improved drastically. Usually it took me about 25 minutes to load the intellisense in the Engine github project to compile. Now it took less than 10 minutes. Also when I created a project I get very fast suggestions when typing.

Haven’t tried out IWYU (include what you use) yet but I will soon.

Btw, that thing with the /Yu I used back in 2015 to get faster intellisense, but in 2017 I don’t need to use it anymore!