Are we ever gonna get way smaller package sizes?

I have a unity background and usually the packaged game size is very *nice *even for 3d games, whereas in ue4, the packaging can really be very bloated, even after following the docs. Will the future u4 (ue5) version perhaps adress this and offer more optimization in that regard. Its a real deal breaker for some when a simple block game on is around 250 mb, I know its not that large but compared to the other games that are mainly shipped on unity, its still alot more than those. I hope epic can somehow crunch some more optimization in that, so we get more reasonable file sizes for desktop as well as mobile.

It makes more sense to petition Epic to give additional grants to Godot etc, than invest in this area tbh.
You can’t get everything in a single engine anyway (soon everything starts to fight each other and itself).
Look at the areas where Epic has already dropped support, for clues as to what Epic plans next maybe. :wink:

sad, I love the engine, just (also from friends, get the complaint that the size of the games is somewhat huge for what it is, I somewhat agree). Wish there was something done to crunch it down. Alot of people still dont have fast internet, and considering how large games are now becoming on disk, dont have alot of space now either. My current game is something i had done for friends and just has a bunch of textures, alot are shared and still racks up around 2gb which is kinda huge. I had done something similar in unity and the size wasnt 1/8 of it as far as I can recall. Would be cool if epic sort of addressed that issue, or try to push it further. I know its a beast of an engine and there are plenty of other engines out there that arent that bloated, but I really like ue4. Its just a matter of exposure for me, I noticed people are less likely to give your project a shot if its a huge file size.

edit: for instance this game…december-1.jpg (was free on epic i believe) is only eating up 4 gigabites of disk space. (it was made in unity i believe) and its sort of huge. Now my game isnt a fraction of what this is and is already eating 2 gbs alone. (even after following the documentation)

You can’t really fight the trend though look at the direction things are going.
Realistically, Lumen & Nanite are only going to bloat the engine even more.
Plus, all the Plugins and other Sub-Systems that come enabled by default.
Most of the developed world have no problems downloading Gigs and Gigs!
Most people decide whether or not to, by hype / promos / freebies not size.

well, i just wished there was something done there, maybe dont package engine features never in use etc. Even sending builds around to people/clients is more painful. I did a test, and a similar unity project almost only took 30mb while ue4 took around 140mb. thats almost 4x as much. I know unreal is heavier etc, but Im sure there is room for improvement.