Are we at the mercy of content developers for version updates?

I have been browsing the marketplace and purchasing things here and there.

Now i have come across several items that are not up to date.

One specific item i have been keeping track of to see if it gets updated. In the comments the devs comments that the update is coming next week. That comment is now 4 weeks old.
Another item i found was not updated beyond 4.8.

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What product are you looking at? Unless it’s a plugin or certain blueprints there isn’t really anything that changes from version to version just checking a box to say it’s compatible which allows the launcher to add it to projects of a specific version. You could add it to an earlier version and migrate it to a later without issue if it doesn’t meet the aforementioned criteria.

The marketplace policy used to be that products that are not kept up to date would be removed, however it seems there has been a change in that recently. My suggestion would be for you to make an informed decision, which it seems you are attempting to do with your research. If it appears that the author isn’t supporting the product, but you could handle converting it to a later version with minimal effort then go for it. However if you don’t feel that you can, it probably isn’t worth the trouble if it doesn’t work out. Good luck. =)