Are we allowed to ask question related to UDK

Since the UDK forum is pretty desert and a lot of people here are familiar with UDK , are we allow to ask question about UDK, for exemple a kizmet related question here even if it is a forum about ue4 ?

Unfortunately no (as there is a UDK forum), but I personally would love to see a UDK section here in the forum, because there are many well experienced UDK users active in here -> you could write a message to Chance Ivey if he could do that: :slight_smile:

What would be your question?

My question wouldd be about kizmet, I wanna do a simple boolean sequence with kizmet, what I try to do is that I have 2 switch, if switch 1 is off, nothing happen , if switch 1 is on and switch 2 is on a light turn on, if switch one is one and switch 2 is on lifght turn on, I tried that so far but it dont work