Are UMG widgets suitable for rendering interactive gameplay elements


For the prototype I’m building I have a 3D main game view where most of the gameplay happens, but one certain “minigame” requires a 2D interactive screen with features such as a hex-tile grid, movable “units”, drag&drop, right-click context menus, and turn based updates. This minigame screen would be displayed with the 3D environment blurred out in the background.

My question is, should I be using UMG widgets for this, or Paper2D? Something else entirely? I haven’t had the opportunity to use UMG very much at all so I’m not sure of its capabilities, but I’ve been led to believe it’s designed for simpler tasks like pause menus or heads up displays.

Any clarification and a pointer in the right direction would be great. Thanks guys!

I have a similar question and after struggling with using UMG with a gamepad, I’m wondering what solution you came up with in the meantime?

I’d also be interested to see what people think about this. I’m considering a sort of “Card Game” where the player can pick up cards and place them wherever they like on a table and I’m not sure if UMG would be able to handle this.

I’d look into widget components if your want a 3d table (they can operate in both world or screen space). Draggable 2d widgets are straighforward to do as well. Just stay away from the “button” widget.