Are trigger volumes more efficient than Tick?

Like the title says, are trigger volumes more efficient than Tick? I ask this because i always want to find an alternative solution to tick. Would setting up a trigger
volume that as i enter it enables tick and when i leave it disables tick. Would that extra layer still be more efficient than just ticking constantly?

It depends what you are doing in your Tick(). As long as you fail-early I don’t see any reason to not constantly tick and keep things simple.

A trigger volume is likely more efficient than a volume collision that runs a separate collision check in Tick.

This is for two reasons:

  1. There is always some small overhead in a Tick (especially in blueprint!)

  2. A trigger volume is likely checked as part of the overall physics step, which benefits from the “everything at once” optimizations. A volume collision run in Tick must re-traverse the physics data structures to figure out what collides.

That being said, for a single volume, you won’t be able to measure the difference. For hundreds, you’ll likely be able to measure it and make up your mind on your own.