Are too many CustomEvents bad practice

Ever since I discovered them I find them a very tidy tool for making blueprints. I can’t help but feeling though that making dozens and dozens of Events in a BluePrint is “bad practice”

I think I saw a thread some months ago where someone tested this out with tons and tons of custom events and it was fine performance-wise.

The only reason I would caution against overuse of those events is that you might be inadvertently hiding away certain areas of your blueprint. The lack of lines could make it harder for you to remember how things are run, especially as they get more and more complicated.

I would advise you to make good use of “Collapse to Function” and other organizing tools before resorting to putting custom events everywhere.

There are plenty of times where using custom events is the best move though, such as when you have a execution at the far end of a blueprint that needs to come to the front. I usually try and color code the entry and exit comments for easy visual reference on 2 connected event nodes.

I use custom events CONSTANTLY because they’re really good for executing logic via cast… you can encapsulate to function or macro but this is inelegant for logic you don’t intend to reuse, especially if said logic involves Timelines or delays, and ESPECIALLY for logic that feeds into existing logic by doing things like closing gates or jumping to a specific section of an existing logic (I use them, for instance, for things like partial-cancellation of a dash, etc.)

Seriously, they’re like little doorways between BPs, I often insert them specifically to allow an execution command a couple relevant variables to be passed via casting. My Character BP must have 3-4 dozen custom events.

I like the way you BluePrint man

This is exactly the practice I use and with this method I am able to produce stuff a lot quicker IMO.

Custom Events in conjunction with the Reroute node provide all the organization I could ask for. Though the reroute node can be kind of annoying (it is so small it can be hard to grab sometimes) the organization it provides by cutting down on spaghetti is perfect for most of my larger BPs.

Custom event nodes are not an issue, instead circular calls, or long running process might be an issue.
So instead of conserving on using custom event nodes, you pay more attention to your call flow and try avoid using “delay” too much on anything not fire and forget.