Are Timelines fast or slow?


does anyone know how fast or slow Timeline’s are to evaluate?

I love to use them to feed in floats instead of time to hand craft what to do with certain character setup values.
But my character BP’s are starting to take some time to evaluate so will have to go through and make sure I’m not unnecessarily using slow stuff.

Does anyone know how bad these bad guys are?

Cheers, Fred

Depends what you do with them. They will update whatever is connected to the Update output on a per tick basis, so it could get slow if you do a lot of this and multiplied by many different characters.

Best thing to do would be to quickly set up a test case that is about what you want to do, and then profile it using the frontend. That will tell you pretty accurately how much it takes in your particular case.

Thanks. I don’t have many characters.
Yep maybe I set up some loops to repeat these a lot and compare to alternative operations.

Cheers, Fred