Are they any ways to record videos / take screenshots?


For my game trailer, i need to take high-quality screencaps and render video (cinematics, or gameplay)

is there a way to do that in high quality?


You can use HighResShot console command to take screenshots, and use Matinee to record movies.

Where is the console, and how do we record with Matinee?

You can either hit the console key(dont know which key it is for your keyboard) to open up console bar while in the game and then type “highresshot 2” and hit enter. That will save a screenshot into the Saved > Screenshots folder of your project.

Use the Record button inside the Matinee to record cinematics. You can look for Matinee tutorials on the internetfor more in depth explanation(either for UDK or UE4)

Yes but where does the recording goes? i want to record my matinee cinematic for my game trailer, and i need it for video editing i don’t wanna use fraps

You can choose either AVI or frames. It doesn’t record sound with video however, so you’ll need to record sound with Fraps or something like that and then merge them in a video editing software.

Thanks a lot for your help, also i have another question.
Is it possible to render out screenshots and videos with custom sizes?

Yes. You can set any resolution you want for video recording(you will see that option when you hit Record and open up the dialog box.) And highresshot console command multiplies the screen resolution with the value you use(i.e. highresshot 2, highresshot 3, highresshot 4, etc.)

Thanks for your help !

I can’t manage to open my high res screenshot (bmp) it’s 54 ko and it won’t open anywhere :< is it broken?

What are you using to view the image? What is the exact command you used? 54KB doesnt sound right.

I got to viewport options clicked on high resolution screenshot and made it resolution 1

Ahh, that function is buggy for now, thats why i’ve been talking about the console command. :slight_smile: