are these specs any good for 3d game creation?

im looking at getting into game design and have a few cpu options. I am wondering if this is a good system to start with or if it is not good at all.
xeon E5-2660 2.2GHz 8Core /64GB ram /Quadro5000 / 480GB SSD 4TB hdd/ W10Pro i appreciate the feed back.

It’s fine if the price is right. But why Xeon + Quadro?

Why not Ryzen 3800x/3900x + 2080 (or an equivalent combination of Intel, AMD, nVidia) - much better bang for buck and future-proof. Also, before you invest, do seriously consider an NVMe drive - these will be crucial in the near future - UE5.

the price is nice but i know its outdated technology, ive just started looking into this and most workstations come equipped with a xeon and quadro, id like to eventually switch to a dual xeon for the cores and then a 2080ti. ill be sure to look into the NVMe, thanks for the tip and the feedback.