Are these known bugs

I am using Unreal 4.6.
I have noticed somethings that I think are bugs. Can someone confirm if this is a bug and if so is there a patch for it? or maybe a work around.

  1. Using snap object to ground or geometry below it by hitting END key doesn’t always work (is inconsistent). Is it because I am using BSP object? (looks like I dont have a choice in 4.6 its BSP only no Geo option given)
  2. Once in Lock Viewport To Actor state I am unable to use Maya hotkeys to maneuver. Well it will maneuver but in very odd and unexpected ways, looks like a bug. So far have had better success by using Left MB and Right MB to maneuver. Its not a intuitive way for me to navigate, but I will have to work this way for now.

Some related questions:

What is a BSP object and how does it
differ from Geometry?
In Version
4.6 was Geometry replaced with BSP object ?

Thank you.

Hi ,

Geometry and BSPs refer to same thing. We switched to calling them BSPs for consistency and accuracy. only difference should be name.

  1. This is a known issue that was first reported here. This only affects BSP actors, and should work properly when 4.7 is released.
  2. I was able to reproduce unusual behavior with Maya controls and Lock Viewport to Actor, and entered a bug report for developers to look over (UE-6767). I will let you know when I see an update on that. For now, other navigation options appear to work as intended when locked to an actor. Thanks for report!

Hope that helps!

yes, thank you for feed back