Are these features available yet?

I havent used UE4 in a while but now I have a serious large scale project underway and there are a few things that I cant seem to find. One being just a select tool, I find myself selecting multiple meshes all the time and almost all the time i find that my meshes move slightly out of place. I cannot find just a select tool and am wondering why in the world it isnt in UE4. Am I missing this or is it just not there? I remember asking this back somewhere around 4.2 and they didnt have it in.

My second question is how can i test my game with global illumination? I have 4 directional lights set up around my scene and that works but it’s not the same.

If you aren’t familiar with this already, I usually just use the World Outliner. I find it really useful for selecting multiple items without accidentally moving them.

hmm, yeah that seems to work ok, however it still isnt ideal and it has its flaws, like if i select a few objects i might select the wrong one because i have no idea what it is im selecting because they all have similar names.