Are these all the software I need to make a good game as a small group?

Hello, I am working on my first videogame which will be small in scale. Just a 3d sword fighting game with a few buildings, underground section and maybe some roads with some vegetation. I have 1 other person helping me at the moment (a few more would be great!) and the aim is to finish it by the end of the year. Or even by the middle of this year if we fly through it.

I currently have UE4, Visual Studio 2019, Blender and intend to use Speedtree and Substance Designer or Painter (or both, not quite sure which one is best atm). The audio will come towards the end, but is this enough to get almost everything complete?

Which software, by the way, is the easiest and best for creating high quality character models? And can all the animation be done through blender?

I’m trying to spend as little as is necessary. So far I’ve only paid $20 USD for software (got Unreal Engine 4 back when it was subscription based, so a long time ago).
Thanks in advance.

The software is fine, but it’s just a tool, if you’re starting out with 3D then you’re going to be spending a while learning. You also need an image editing tool like Photoshop or equivalent.

Free alternative to Photoshop: Gimp
Free alternative to Substance Painter: ArmorPaint
Audio: special effects generator (, music creation (,, lots of sites that offer free music and sound effects (

Hi, I think that if you have the knowledge of 3d modeling and animation it may be enough. I believe that if you can achieve your project if you already have everything defined and a roadmap to follow.
Note: I use Maya for modeling and animation and blender for textures and UV maps
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