Are there some good Non-Video tutorials for Blueprint scripting?

I’m trying to make a Final Fantasy styled RPG first, and I’m having trouble creating a grid and getting tiles put into it. I’m wondering if there is a good RPG framework on the asset store, or a good Text based tutorial so that I can create it myself. My biggest hurdle right now is just figuring things out and getting started. I really want to be able to create my game, but I’m having a lot of trouble finding documentation that is both step-by-step and isn’t a video.

There is a “how to section” in the unreal documentation. But IMHO the best learning resource is the content example project downloadable from marketplace.

Love RPGs, best of luck on your project! :slight_smile: I believe there are inventory systems currently pending for the asset store, that may be useful for your game. Text tutorials I haven’t come across a lot.

For your particular problem of managing a grid. The way to do it right now is to store 2D grids as 1D grids. So what I do for my grid for turn based tactical games is, I created a struct that represents all tile data. Then I make a 1D array of size Width x Height. Then, when manipulating the grid, I convert 2D coordinates to 1D array index using this Macro:

So that is one piece of the puzzle in grid manipulation. Feel free to post more questions, I know there are people working on similar stuff. You can also PM me with any questions, I like tackling this kind of stuff (turn based and grids).

Tile based games are quite doable in UE4, though they still require some work to get running at this point. I’m also working on a tile-based game, and I use the same method as Nisshoku here for making 2D-grids. As for the asset store, there aren’t any blueprints on the asset store for tile based games yet, but that is quickly changing. Nisshoku already has a blueprint pending on the Trello voting boards which should be out in a couple of weeks. I am working on an XCOM-style turn based strategy system which will probably be on the marketplace a few weeks after Nisshoku’s blueprint (link).

I’m also willing to help if you have any questions. I started making a turn based system a few months ago being completely new to blueprints, and started making a turn based system out of necessity, since noone else seemed to be doing it at the time. I have an old version of my system for download here if you want to see the inner workings of how such a system might work. It’s from back when I knew a lot less about blueprints, so it’s unnecessarily complicated and confusing, but it might still help. For your first problem of creating and displaying a grid I would focus on the top left part of the blueprint concerning creating arrays and choosing meshes/textures. Good luck!

Wanting to learn… and yet specifically rejecting tut-videos is self-defeating.

@godling - Not everyone learns the same way. There are many people who learn way better by reading instructions rather than watching a video. I myself am one of those people and have found that when reading answers on the answer hub or even forum threads I usually gain much more than I do when I watch youtube videos explaining things.

@op - Break what you want down into multiple pieces and try to do each one slowly adding on to the previous one. That was one of my biggest issues when trying to make an inventory system before there were tutorials for it. I actually got a white board and broke everything down into every small step and tried to figure out what you had to do first vs what naturally would be the last thing added to the inventory. I’m sure if you keep at it you’ll do great.

@Hakabane - Same here, I remember before Youtube eh around 2010, text tutorials were all the rage. :wink:

I have found myself devouring the Unreal docs, they have a very nice documentation section that is all text. On that note, I also totally agree with a post above that I have found myself downloading about every sample on the market and contently studying the blueprints and component relationships.

I think once you get the basic way blueprints flow and the editor, you can use those examples as written tutorials, at least I have been able to.

I have some text tutorials of Blueprints available on my site: Kitatus - Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Wow thanks for the link! I believe the same thing you do, paying for information will eventually become obsolete.

I have book marked your site.

Thanks! I’m working on more of the “Why do we do this?” thought process for my future work, to help others teach others hopefully, which comes in the shape of “Creating a Point and Click Adventure” ala the Telltale games which is done in 100% blueprint which should be out soon (For free of course!)