Are there simple nodes / assets for material instance or transform animations driven by curves?


I want somethink like an asset which defines the curves for x, y, z over the time and a blueprint node “PlayTransformAnimation” where you put in your Actors or ActorComponents and your asset and the animation plays. Or an asset with curves and material parameters and a node “PlayMaterialAnimation” where you put in your dynamic material instance and the asset and the animation plays. As I can see it, the level sequencer is not an ease-to-use tool for that. Are there any other tools?

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Timelines maybe:…nes/index.html

You can have it output a curved alpha to handle external values or output values directly. You can also load external curves into a timeline. Or am I missing the point?

edit: you can also sample traditional curves without a timeline, ofc

It should be as simple as a timeline, yes. But timelines have their drawbacks, for example: not copyable (there should be an asset for timelines!), not “multi-triggerable” (if a timeline is running in an event and gets executed again, it will be the same instance of the timeline. It’s hard to use a timeline inside a loop if you want to use the same timeline for multiple actors/actor components).
I am just thinking about if it makes sense to make a plugin for that and if it would be useful. One (reuseable) asset, one node and the animation plays. I actually already made an actor component for material animations and I use it quite often for simple curve-driven animations (e.g. fade-out, a short blinking if the actor gets hit by something, …).